Onigiri & Arancini puts an e-microphone to our conversations about food, drink, travel, film and other things we love. We started this blog before we embarked on a RTW jaunt that will took us from the Alps to the Himalayas, and endeavor to maintain our once annual updates from here on out.

Audrey & Chris

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  1. Christa Nash-Webber says:

    Explain to me what you do with the dried scallops. :)

  2. Bill Dennis says:

    Great blog. We met at Locanda Barbaresco, remember? You were eating. I was wearing a wide-brimed leather hat, Cappucin-brown robes with a white, rope belt and, of course, bare feet, alpenstock and meerschaum pipe. Nancy had on one of her fringed flapper-dresses, feather boa, portrait hat and a meter-long rheinstoned cigarette-holder. We’d been mountaineering. You remember.

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